Where in the world is Paul Brent, Seaside summertime artist, you ask?


Entertaining the art department of the Gulf Coast Woman’s Club, Paul Brent, artist.

Paul Brent is an artist whose work has become internationally known to represent the coastal lifestyle.

From his watercolors to his recent oil paintings he captures nature in its best and most idyllic form. While being best known for his beach subjects, he has painted landscapes that are equally indicative of his talent to recreate all aspects of nature.

He especially enjoys painting local scenes and beachscapes that he views near his two home studios in Panama City, Florida and Seaside, Oregon. He and Lana Jane have an art gallery in Panama City, Florida, where they live part of the year.

From June to October they live in Seaside, Oregon, where they have had a home and an artist’s studio for the past 10 years.

Paul Brent exhibits his work in Seaside at Fairweather Home and Garden on Broadway.

Stay tuned for more good news that will be announced during the BENEATH exhibition, April 5th.

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