A delightful thank you note from artist Patricia Clark-Finley.




Thank you for all the work you do, Denise.

“Fairweather Art Walk is always a good party. It seems effortless and relaxed as only a talented designer could orchestrate. The space is lighted with precision to display over 100 artworks from a variety of genres and mediums. The artists are comfortable and welcomed as they mingle with visitors and one another. Music plays, refreshments are offered, greetings are pleasant and well-mannered. The evening closes with brief explanations from the artists about their work and themselves, door-prizes, and a word from Denise about current projects and events for the gallery. Denise Fairweather works tirelessly along with loyal friends to set the stage for this genuine paradigm for art in the community.”  Patricia

Side note: Perhaps Patricia wrote about the lighting that highlighted ISLAND SAMBA, encaustic art for WATER, an abstract exhibition.
En caustic art is a technique for working with wax.

Back story: Patricia explored the limitless possibilities of painting with melted beeswax. Her water show provided the art patron original works of art using the encaustic application, layering colors and carving wax, creating depth and rich textures; using collage techniques in the work of en caustic with image transfers; and experimenting with charcoal, inks and other mixed media.

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