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And, so, too, it goes forward visitiors making their entrances.

A note received from the gallery across the street, the Gilbert District Gallery, friends Penny and Dave Bartholet.

I don’t even know how to explain Seaside’s Art Walk???? It has taken a life of it’s own! This was our 10 year celebration and big it was! A big thanks to Denise Fairweather for all the pub and organization! She’s the glue that holds it together. Also a big thanks to my crew that puts in the hours to make this a special party for our city each month. If you have not been to our door prize drawing during the art walk… are missing something fun! You gotta check us out next month. Put it on our calendar! –Dave Bartholet, The Gilbert District Gallery. Moments can’t get any better than this neighbor-to-neighbor.

Images from the Fairweather MOMENTS show, too, a round of applause for the visitors, patrons and Art Walk ladies-who-do.

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