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Artist Carmela Newstead, new origianal works arriving.

state of

State of Consciousness 24×30 Original Oil Carmela Newstead

“Looking out my window, I see the breezes blowing the beach grass to one side, The sun peeking over the rooftops and lighting the landscape for a new day, a new opportunity to refresh myself as I look across the waves to infinity.”

Morning Glory 30×40 Original Oil Carmela Newstead

“A million wild blossoms open their eyes to the sky. Each day brings a positive vibe and offers a new start. The sky rolls to another beginning and the beach inspires me to start again.”

Alternate Way 18×24 Original Oil Carmela Newstead

“Each time I hit a snag in the road I pull back and re-evaluate my options. Wind in my face as I walk the beach encourages me to reconsider my directions, my approach to the issue in question, reconsider my solutions.”

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