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Artist Carmela Newstead speaks at EMERGING.


Artist Carmela Newstead shared her art stories.

Alternate Way 18×24 $400.

“Each time I hit a snag in the road I pull back and re-evaluate my options. Wind in my face as I walk the beach encourages me to reconsider my directions, my approach to the issue in question, reconsider my solutions.”

State of Consciousness 24×30 $800.

“Looking out my window, I see the breezes blowing the beach grass to one side, The sun peeking over the rooftops and lighting the landscape for a new day, a new opportunity to refresh myself as I look across the waves to infinity.”

Morning Glory 30×40 $1850.

“A million wild blossoms open their eyes to the sky. Each day brings a positive vibe and offers a new start. The sky rolls to another beginning and the beach inspires me to start again.”

And, too, thank you, Carmela for your delightful lecture and your generous thank you.

“Thank you for the wonderful art walk. The gallery looked so good and the spirit was very high. It was a lovely evening. Hope your summer continues in a successful vein. I appreciate your help in all. “

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