For LIGHT, an exhibition Sept. 6th: artist Bev Drew Kindley.

Artist Bev Drew Kindley

“An Oregon artist, I often paint impressionistic landscapes “en plein air” or based on site experience, memories, sketches and photos.
Searching for the brightness and joy in every season, inspired by the light and energy I find in nature, I experiment to transform the excitement I feel into colors, shapes, movement and brushstrokes.

Working to communicate what I discover keeps me always exploring places, mediums and methods.

Observing and painting is a meditation, an active appreciation, a way to connect intuitively with nature.  When I turn to the peace of fields and beaches, the strength of trees in shadow, the spirited persistence of wildflowers or the flickering light of ponds and gardens, I feel refreshed, exhilarated, enriched.

I absorb a scene, focus on the mood, simplify the important features and begin to visualize a way to suggest feelings and ideas and create a sense of life.”

“I feel inspired when I turn to the peace of the beaches, the spirited persistence of the flickering light.”

We are fortunate to announce that artist Bev Drew Kindley will speak during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk on September 6th between 5-7pm. Please join us.

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