The 2014 finale from artist Paul Brent Painting Seaside LIVE (TM).

Paul Brent finale for the 2014 season

Well done, Paul! Original watercolor to highlight the North Coast Land Conservancy “party of the summer.” Thank you for the memories. Paul Brent is a Fairweather artist whose work has become internationally known to represent the coastal lifestyle. From his watercolors to his recent oil paintings he captures nature in its best and most idyllic form. While being best known for his beach subjects, he has painted landscapes that are equally indicative of his talent to recreate all aspects of nature. He especially enjoys painting local scenes and beach scapes that he views near his two home studios in Panama City, Florida and Seaside, Oregon.

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Paul Brent is a fine artist who “walks on rice-paper but leaves no footprints,” in other words: more becomes less. His technique is so skillful, so masterful, and so seamless, it is unnoticeable. Using creativity that sees a connection to a place and a design relationship to a particular landscape. See you in 2015, Paul!


Q: What is Seaside Painting LIVE ™, you ask?

A: “Essentially Seaside Painting LIVE ™ is a design process with an artist drafting, adding to and subtracting from a work. It is performed in front of an audience, allowing patrons to experience the problem-solving process in creating a work of art. Patrons interact with the artist and views a work in progress as it is approached in a systematic manner. Initially the artist tends to experiment in a rather random manner, collecting ideas and skills through experimentation. The ability to experiment, to value and build on the experience achieved is the hallmark of a truly successful and creative artist.” –D. Fairweather.

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