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#3 of Fairweather 2014 Top Ten moments.


#3 of Top Ten 2014 Fairweather Moments! Artist Jorjett Strumme opens Fairweather’s April 2014 “Beneath” exhibit with fabulous art masks.

Jorjett Strumme, a talented Seaside artist, has had several exhibits at Beach Books, in addition exhibiting in April at Fairweather’s.

And, too, Jorjett assisted as an Art Walk hostess throughout the spring cultural arts season at Fairweather House and Garden.

She was the signature artist for the Seaside Providence Festival of Trees in December, as well.

For more information about that event go to:

But wait, there’s more! Two good Fairweather friends visited and asked about Jorjett’s mask art. They were planning a cruise to Venice this year and requested a pair of masks to be created for a masquerade ball.

On Thursday, January 15th at 7:00 pm, The Friends of the Seaside Public Library host Jorjett Strumme recounting “My Life in Hollywood.”

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