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A meet and greet for Coastal Kindred, an exhibit at Fairweather’s.


Full immersion in the arts. Vianne and Robin, North Coast Land Conservancy members, arrived to greet fine art photographer and co-founder of NCLC, Neal Maine, at the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk during the opening for Coastal Kindred, an exhibit.

Fun Fact:
Neal Maine speaks during each Art Walk at Fairweather’s.

So, too, a Neal Maine quote to share:

“We take pictures, walks, deep breaths, memories, ride on waves, timber, in habitat that used to belong to others. We thought we could never catch all the salmon, never cut all the big trees, and never pollute the ocean. With renewed humility, we are learning how to share this place and to live together”.

For more information go to: artists tab/ Neal Maine and Michael Wing

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