For Open Windows an image and back story from artist Marga Stanley.

Q: How did the theme for Open Windows come to be, you ask?

A: In 2015 the artists were invited to submit a two-word theme and Christine Trexel suggested Opens Window for May. It was, at first, an inspirational idea that developed into a suggestion to ask the featured artists to submit an image working in their studios. It has been fun to view their spots of creativity. It has been, oftentimes, as seen in the images the artists have released, to be in a space where the view outside meets head in the clouds. Where their ideas come from…to what if instead of what is. An open window gives dreamers and doers to live a life outside the box to create. And, so it goes forward in 2016 with three word exhibitions at Fairweather’s and yes, it was Christine Trexel, who once again, offered the inspiration for May next year, which will be “Outside the Box”.

image1 (1)

Marga Stanley in her studio.

“I will bring along with my trusty toothpick to paint Saturday evening for  OPEN WINDOWS.  My studio is in the basement and probably wouldn’t be all that nifty of an image.  The window is over the laundry sink and of course it doesn’t even open.  I will send you a photo of the hardships I endure to paint my masterpieces.”  –Marga

“I wanted these smaller paintings to show life in its simplest form. The world outside peppered with everyday objects done with gouache paints using a toothpick as my brush for the detailed parts. Thanks for doing this! ”  Marga

About the artist:

Marga and her husband, Tom Stanley, moved from the British West Indies to the North Coast about 10 years ago and have embraced Astoria as their new home, rain and all. Marga says, “I have been fortunate enough to have had my art in galleries from Canada to the British West Indies and the U.S. and now have the pleasure to be one of the founding members of the new Tempo Gallery in Astoria. Marga’s love for animals and children is the inspiration of her work: She works with paper mache, gouache, watercolors and acrylics. Out of her studio, she can also be heard reading bedtime stories in “Marga’s World” on KMUN.

And so, it will be a dueling duo, artists Kimberly Reed and Marga Stanley, creating a Painting Seaside LIVE(tm) episode, completing a painting or two (with at least one artist using a toothpick) during Fairweather’s Seaside First Saturday Art Walk. May 2nd, 5-7:pm. Truly, the pair are dear and talented friends.

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