“She beautifully reshapes living things and elements”, words by Tina about artist Gayle H. Seely.

Friends Tina and Gayle

“Gayle’s artwork is not passive: it directly challenges the façade of pretense and completely eradicates narratives bound in familiar human patterns. She beautifully reshapes living things and elements, interweaving them with our individual stories and understandings in order to create a delightfully fresh arrival to a place once unknown.” —Tina Miller Anders, long time friend and art enthusiast

Gallery with Gayle H. Seely

Artist Tina H. Seely pictured in front of Fairweather House and Gallery.

“Thought you might enjoy these photos from visiting with Tina at the gallery. Thank you for all your help in showing my work.” Sincerely, Gayle H. Seely

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