Read all about it! The Gearhart elk made a national magazine.

Elk Run by Neal Maine, PacificLight Images

Elk Run by Neal Maine photographer.

An image by Neal Maine, nature photographer, has been published in the May-June 2015 issue of Bugle magazine (published by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation).

It is pictured in the story printed on page 62 about Gearhart, OR; which is #6 on the list of top ten “elkiest” places in America. The article is titled: Greetings from Elk City USA, pages 56-68.

“These elk hit the beach five to 10 times a year, and it’s a spectacle when they do,” says Neal Maine, a former educator, who devotes his time to observing the local wildlife.

“Occasionally, the elk will interrupt practice on the football field in Seaside; the ivy at the highschool is a favorite snack,” says Maine.

“It’s certainly uncommon to witness elk swimming in the sea. My hunch is this particular herd’s behavior is a function of familiarity around people. The beaches are popular along the Oregon coast, so most elk avoid these areas, but the Gearhart herd is habituated to humans,” says Herman Biederbeck, wildlife biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.


Top ten take away notes:

1. Estes Park, Colorado People 6,000/ Elk 1,700 –Paul Queneau, writer
2. Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming People 263/ Elk 35 –PJ DelHomme, writer
3. Jackson, Wyoming People 9,577 Elk 11,000 –Mark Holyoak, writer
4. Reserve, New Mexico People 400/ Elk 20,000 –Jess Field, Bugle intern
5. Benezette, Pennsylvania People 300/ Elk 900 –Jess Field, Bugle intern
6. Gearhart, Oregon People 1,488/ Elk 50 –Justin Karnopp, writer
7. Sequim, Washington People 6,600/ Elk 100 –Dan Crockett, writer
8. Craig, Colorado People 9,464/ Elk 55,230 –Paul Queneau
9. Hindman, Kentucky People 800/ Elk about 1,000-2, 000 –PJ DelHomme
10. Elko, Nevada People 20,000/ Elk thousands nearby –Dan Crockett
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The release obtained from RMEF
A request:
Hi Randi,
Previously an image request arrived for Neal Maine. I understand that the image has been published in the May-June 2015 Bugle magazine. May we link that article back to your web site and give you credit for the article?

The response:
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Thanks, Randi”

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And, too, save the date and time. Neal Maine, fine art photographer, will speak at 6:00pm during OCEAN STAGED, an exhibit that opens on June 6th at Fairweather’s. Neal’s lectures are unique and interesting and all about “living along the coastal edge”.

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