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A sunny Seaside spin of indescribably fun. Summer ReSet. 4th of July, 2015


Kathy B., Director of Hospitality (aka Director of Smiles) and a cutie potootie from J. Rae’s, places a banner flag, borrowed from a neighbor, out on the street to show that Art Walk is open despite the power outage.

Open, we were! Summer ReSet, the exhibition opening, inspires more…what if, rather than what was!

Power outage darkens Seaside’s Fourth of July celebration
By Katherine Lacaze, The Daily Astorian
Published: July 7, 2015

Businesses found ways to make the best of the power outage situation. Denise Fairweather’s Fairweather House and Gallery was part of the First Saturday Art Walk downtown. “We were real fortunate that all three of us in the Gilbert District kept our doors open and actually took the art to the street,” she said.

Paul Brent, an artist who was scheduled to paint at Fairweather House and Gallery moved to the front entrance “and took advantage of the natural light and painted live” using watercolors, Fairweather said. “We had perhaps double the usual crowd because people saw what we were doing closer, rather than walking into the gallery,” she said, adding, “I appreciate the artists. Everyone stayed and kind of thought outside of the box and created an event that everyone will remember.”

At SunRose Gallery, the musicians moved outside and played acoustic rather than electric music.  At The Gilbert District Gallery artists were using flashlights and patrons were seen using their cellphones as flashlights to see the art better.

Please read the complete articles about the power outage at:

Published: July 7, 2015 9:31AM    by Katherine Lacaze The Daily Astorian
Power outage darkens Seaside’s Fourth of July celebration

Published/ Seaside Signal July 9, 2015 10:27AM
Power outage was caused by errant balloon.
Patriotic balloon bursts Seaside, Gearhart holiday bubble.

Fun times:

Pictured is a visitor who on July 4th, 2015 won two cakes during the cake walk at the historical Seaside Museum’s old fashioned Fourth of July celebration; visited Faiweather’s early on the afternoon of fourth (her 1st visit to our gallery) selected a gift, came to the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk later in the evening and won a door prize at Fairweather’s and then was given a gift bag at The Gilbert District Gallery! On Sunday she returned to The Gilbert District Gallery and the Fairweather Gallery to see the art work on display with the spot lights and shared her delightful experiences. And, so, we share it, too! PS: She, too, purchased art on Sunday at The Gilbert District Gallery, a Dave Bartholet original.

Spectacular fireworks from the beach in #SeasideOregon! Photo by @zacharyjamesadamson

The Seaside First Saturday Art Walk proceeded with creative solutions and the Seaside Fireworks Show remained on schedule. It was an old-fashioned Fourth of July! And, despite the lack of power, crowds did arrive for Art Walk!!! Later, too, the fire works were fabulous! Thank you Seaside Chamber of Commerce and Pacific Power (the lights came back on just as the show finished).

Please visit Seaside First Saturday Art Walk and faiweatherhouseandgarden for more images.

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