For Anything Goes: Neal Maine+ his complete July 2015 photo journal = what goes on in the natural world.


Image: It’s a fluke. Michael Wing/PacificLight Images. Proceeds to support NCLC.

For ANYTHING GOES, the Fairweather Seaside First Saturday Art Walk event August 1st, Neal Maine of PacificLight Images, shares a collection of natural history photos discovered “along the coastal edge” during the months of June and July, 2015.


Image: Blue Heron as a Road Runner. Neal Maine/ PacificLight Images. Proceeds to support NCLC.

Fun Facts:
What was seen by Neal Maine, Seaside/Gearhart naturalist, within days, within steps of downtown Seaside: a trio of white egrets; a snowy plover (a bird not seen in Seaside for decades); a humpback whale and grey whales resting in the Seaside Cove, flocks of Caspian Terns (several with banded legs, looking like mix-matched stockings, juvenile herons frolicking on the beach and thousands (yes, thousands) of pelicans!

Neal Maine

The notebook, a photo journal, is offered to raise awareness about the natural history landscape, the photos, although not for framing, are shared by an acclaimed naturalist for Art Walk patrons.

Neal Maine provides a wealth of useful and inspiring information ecological photography through high value images, images that are far more than a pretty picture, moments found in the coastal habitats “right outside in our own back yards.”


Please visit artist’s tab/ Neal Maine and Michael Wing for more information.

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