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Delightful news. Or rather where (else) in the world is Bev Drew Kindley?


Artist Bev Drew Kindley

“Fields and Flowers”, 10×8 acrylic, was painted during 2 days at Blooming Junction nursery near Hillsboro for the Plein Air at Washington County event.

“We had sunny days with lots of color and this painting seems to capture some of the happiness of being there.  It is now on display with the best of the other artist’s works at Sequoia Gallery in Hillsboro.”  –Bev

Bev Drew Kindley offering a Painting Seaside LIVE ™ episode sponsored by Fairweather’s at the River Inn in Seaside, 2015.

“An Oregon artist, I often paint impressionistic landscapes “en plein air” or based on site experience, memories, sketches and photos. Searching for the brightness and joy in every season, inspired by the light and energy I find in nature, I experiment to transform the excitement I feel into colors, shapes, movement and brushstrokes. Working to communicate what I discover keeps me always exploring places, mediums and methods.” –Bev Drew Kindley

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