Fresh arrivals and notes for In Full Flower. Opening May 7th @ Fairweather’s.


Bright Spot

Bright Spot oil painting by Melissa Jander.

“Thanks again for the opportunity to show my work in your wonderful space. See you Saturday.”–Melissa Jander

Oil Painting of pink Magnolia flowers against a weathered door
Oil Painting of pink Magnolia flowers against a weathered door

Breathe,  painting of pink Magnolia flowers against a weathered door by Savvy Dani.


“A painting that just needs quick varnish.” XOXO Linda Trexler, artist and Art Walk hostess.

Katheryn Delany Lucsious Ladies

Luscious Lady, one of a series of eight, by Kathryn Delany.

“I just wanted to let you know I will drop in this Saturday to say hello and also plan to be at the gallery for the art walk event.” –Kathryn

Linda Fenton-Mendenhall
Oil Painting of pink Magnolia flowers against a weathered door

“Yes, I will be there Saturday.” –Linda Fenton-Mendenhall photographer. 

Portrait In Bloom


Portrait in Bloom, oil and cold wax medium by Rebecca Gore.

“Thanks for you help in getting me started, I am looking forward to working with you and learning as much as possible.”
–Rebecca Gore


In Full Flower opening reception, an exquisite exhibition through the month of May featuring the perfection of flowers depicted in art and display. Flowers are nature’s gift, dating back at least 125 million years. “Most importantly, flowers commemorate all the passages in our life. They express renewal and hope in a single bloom.”—Denise Fairweather

Fairweather’s introduces new artists Rebecca Gore and Savvy Dani to the gallery. Rebecca Gore’s paintings are done with acrylics and or oil, with cold wax incorporated as a finish. Paintings include the human form within a landscape of flowers. The style ranges (often in the same piece) from a loose realism to stylized or lyrical abstraction.

Cold wax medium is a medium composed mainly of beeswax with a small amount of to aid in drying time, for use with oil paint. It has a soft, paste-like consistency and adds body, increases transparency, does not require the special ventilation and allows the artist to build up textural effects.

Savvy Dani, Seattle artist, is classically trained visual artist and presents art work depicting cluster blooms amid greenery luminously painted. In addition living works of flowers will be showcased in a veritable collection vignettes created by interior designer/ gallery owner Denise Fairweather to compliment new floral art from accomplished regional artists Melissa Jander, Paul Brent, Lori Wallace-Lloyd, Joanna Donaca and Kathryn Delany and more.

Seaside/ Gearhart nature photographer Neal Maine introduces his latest natural history journal of images and will speak at 6:pm. Wine tasting, light bites and live music by Shirley Smith-Yates will be provided throughout the evening. Gifts to all patrons.

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