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Painting Seaside LIVE ™. 2016 summer edition by Paul Brent and Victoria Brooks.



Take note: Paul Brent arrives to paint LIVE ™ during all summer Seaside First Saturday Art Walks at Fairweather’s.

“It’s hard to imagine that you think about something you’d like to happen, artists painting LIVE for visitors, and it happens beautifully. We are so very fortunate and grateful for artists and patrons.”–Denise Fairweather.

On July 2nd, for the opening reception of THE POWER OF TWO during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, two Fairweather resident artists, Paul Brent and Victoria Brooks, introduced the 2016 summer season with a Seaside Painting LIVE ™, our 8th summer edition!

“Thanks again for the wonderful reception and all your work putting on such a grand show! Such a lovely crew you have, as well.” –Victoria Brooks

Fairweather House and Gallery, 612 Broadway

Power of Two, an exhibition that includes regional artists who have produced a body of work that reads like an oasis of calm, a subtle backdrop during the time of high season in vacation land. Perhaps, the show title sounds a bit like a recipe for chaos given the summer busy activities and adventures, yet, when teamed with the artists selected and combined with the work they have created, the gallery truly adds a dimension of serenity that is sensed as much as seen. Power of Two through July 31st.

And so, it was for the eighth consecutive year watercolorist Paul Brent, as well as oil painter Victoria Brooks painted LIVE at Fairweather’s!!

Each artist offered visitors an art demonstration, artist lecture and, too, a signed work of art as a raffle gift during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk on July 2nd!

Indeed meeting an artist in person and listening to an artist talk is half the fun of attending an Art Walk!” –Denise Fairweather, gallery owner.

Grace note received:
“Fantastic article! You have such a gift with words and putting everything together so eloquently! Thank you so much!” Victoria

Please visit Brent and Victoria Brooks for more information.

Please visit for more information.

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