An essay or two from Power of Two.



Artist Paul Brent with Art Walk hostess Ellen Swanson.


Denise Fairweather, interior designer, introduces Paul Brent, architect, artist and fellow interior designer, at the Power of Two opening reception held during the July Seaside First Saturday Art Walk on July 2nd.

What unites two very distinct items themes-as in one artist (Paul Brent) who shows both on the Atlantic shore, and on the Pacific coast- is the consummate eye and creative spirit.

Paul Brent spoke about the significance of numbers in design work. Two being the only even number used in architecture and design, whereas, most frequently, applications of odd numbers 3, 5, 7 are applied.

Substantial thoughts exist concerning how professional designers and architects produce designs. And, although writers Dorst and Dijkhuis state “there are many ways of describing design processes” yet discuss “two basic and fundamentally different ways”.The prevailing views have been called “The Rational Model”,”Technical Problem Solving” and “The Reason-Centric Perspective”.

In 1783 Sir Joshua Reynolds found the ratio of about two-thirds to one-third, or of one to two, a much better and more harmonizing proportion, than the precise formal half, the too-far-extending four-fifths—and, in short, than any other proportion whatever.



Paul Brent Seaside Painting LIVE (tm) July, 2014.

“Two distinct, equal lights, never appears in the same painting. One should is a principal, and the rest sub-ordinate, both in dimension and degree.”–Paul Brent.

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