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About Aliza Allen.

I had thought I wanted to act and do all things theatre when I was growing up in California (my mother always admonishing me for being so Dramatic), but when I moved to Oregon with my husband and two young children and enrolled in college for the first time at age 30, my interest in painting soon developed when I was working as a figure study model in the art department. It was the best paying work-study job on campus! Modeling soon turned to painting and drawing … I wanted to be on the artist side of the canvas not the one being painted. I rejected being the muse.

I graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. It took me five years to earn my degree. Then two years at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, studying painting. My early work was very figurative and I have since moved into more abstraction. And oils and acrylics, watercolor, soon developed into fresco and then encaustic painting. I’m now back working in oils.

I’ve generally sold my work privately for the past 30 years in Portland, Austin, San Francisco, and Oakland, but I have also been included in group exhibits at Fort Mason, San Francisco; Caunes-Minervois Abbey, France; Live Worms Gallery, North Beach, San Francisco; and now Fairweather Gallery in Seaside in August 2016.

My husband Eric and I live in The Pearl, Portland. We have a one bedroom condo overlooking the Willamette River and the Fremont Bridge. We share our space with four girls … two greyhounds, Emma and Maggie (ages four and six) and two cats, Gabby and Prema (both approximately five). Eric has an office in one corner of the bedroom looking out on the river (working as a software engineer with his office in the Bay Area), and my painting studio is at the end of the living room with the same view. The animals seem to be everywhere!



This exhibit at Fairweather is my abstracted depiction of my neighborhood in The Pearl, and walking my two amazing greyhounds.


Original oils on linen by Aliza Allen.  “Walking the Dogs I and II”.

Emma and Maggie.  Resting @ the Westin (dogs accepted) and in Portland.



Doing Good Works: 20% of Proceeds to Greyhound Adoption-NW

The primary purpose of Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest is to find responsible loving homes for Greyhounds, which fail to qualify or no longer qualify for the racetrack.
We love retired racing Greyhounds and we love to find the perfect person or family for these remarkable dogs to spend their “retirement” with. Greyhounds make excellent pets and are a sweet, gentle, fun and loyal breed with a long history. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore our site and learn about Greyhounds, and maybe take the next step to welcome a Greyhound into your home.

Ellen and Aliza

Ellen Swanson and Aliza Allen.

Fun Fact: Earlier in the year Ellen Swanson, Fariweather Gallery hostess, invited friend Aliza Allen to assist during a spring Art Walk. The connection progressed to an invitation to the artist to show in the gallery.

Artist Aliza Allen has created an abstract art series titled “Walking the Dogs” for the exhibition MOMENTS LIKE THIS. The opening reception is on August 6th at Fairweather’s during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk between 5-7:pm.

Please join the artist and friends.

Another dog gone fun fact:

Denise Fairweather adopts rescued senior greyhounds, as well! An entire clan of the racing greyts have found a forever home at the beach. In loving memory of Happy, Joy, Lovie, Dovie, Devine and Angie (all daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces of Swift Missile). And, too, currently sharing the good life at the beach: Asia (Lovie II), Tune and Addy.

@ the beach

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