Diane Klausner

Artist Diane Klaunser

                 Artist Statement                    


“I don’t paint with my eyes, I paint with my heart.” (Chang Dai Chien)                


I fell in love with Chinese Brush Painting the moment I dipped the bamboo-handle brush into Chinese ink. I loved the simplicity, discipline, honesty, symbolism and self-expression of the ancient art.                   


For over forty years, I yearned to paint. Finally, after retiring as a landscape architect, I was able to realize my dream.                        


Over the years, my work has evolved from the more traditional technique of Chinese brush painting to another ancient technique called P’o Mo. Translated as “Splash Ink”, this technique involves pouring or brushing ink and watercolor paint onto rice paper or Shikishi boards and letting the medium bleed and blend. Then, I continue with brushwork using Chinese brushes to reveal more recognizable images such as mountains, streams, trees etc. At times, I do not add anything and the work is more abstract as in my new painting, “Got the Blues.”                      


Mainly, I paint nature subjects. I am an avid hiker and world traveler with a continued love affair with the mountains. Whether it’s a new mountain peak, flower unfurling or the sighting of a songbird, they all reach out to me and I paint the love that they inspire in my heart. –Diane Klausner



 Throughout September Diane Klaunser’s watercolor art on Shikishi  boards and rice paper will be on display as DRAMA IN ART.

Q: What is Shikishi, you ask?

A: Shikishi is an art form between poetry and painting. Poems were used as the subject of paintings, and calligraphers often wrote poems on shikishi boards of tinted paper.

And, too, save the date and time!

September 3rd 5-7:pm opening reception for the exhibit AGAINST THE GRAIN, a show curated by Agnes Field for the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk at Fairweather’s.


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