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Announcing a harp instrument petting zoo @ Fairweather’s!!!



Fairweather House and Gallery, located at 612 Broadway, in downtown Seaside will host a “Harp Instrument Petting Zoo” on December 3rd between 5- 7:pm. designed to explore the harp instrument. This free event is open to the public for adults and children in their first attempts to engage the harp instrument. Each participant will have the opportunity to play featuring the instruments crafted by Duane Bolster, master harp builder.

In 2006 Duane Bolster received the The Hero award from CCA “For Creating a Magnificent Harp for the Music Rx Program” and in 2010 received The John Barry Award from Northwest Kidney Kids Inc. “For Providing Exceptional Care to Children with Kidney Disease”

Fun Fact: “I don’t play, not even a little. A note on my not playing the harp; I have studied a few instruments over the years; accordion, clarinet, piano, and harp to name a few, but mastered none. I frequently have people express surprise when they find out that I build harps, but don’t play the harp. They get a chuckle when I mention with a laugh that I know some people who even though they play the harp, they don’t know how to build one!!”—Duane

And, so, then, a harpist arrives to play for the public at Fairweather’s on Dec. 3rd. A self-described lover of “Celtinavian Music,” Valerie Blessley’s music reflects Irish heritage. She began playing music during childhood, when she learned to play the recorder and the flute. Valerie has studied harp with David Harper, in Albuquerque, NM and Marion Fouse in Portland, OR. The splendor, mystery, and revelry of winter Holiday traditions of old is captured, using magical harps with Celtic and Early music selections.

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