Introducing new artist Peggy Evans and her paper cranes, universal symbols of peace.


Peggy Evans, Artist
Peggy Evans is a Northeast Portland Artist. She folded her first Origami Crane at age 15 in a Japanese Language class at Grant High School, in Portland. Following graduation from Oregon State University she enjoyed a 25 year career as a retail advertising designer and illustrator – Peggy now enjoys her home studio where she paints and creates Embellished Origami Crane Ornaments and Gifts.

Artist Statement:

“Creating my original crane ornaments gives me the freedom and joy to express my love for color. With the endless combinations of colorful paper and beads – every crane is unique! Each year new designs and ideas are added to my crane collection. All designs are unique, designed and conceived in my home studio this year’s new design is the Crane Dragon! I have been designing and selling embellished cranes for 8 years.” — Peggy Evans

Close up of Peggy Evans’s hand-made paper crane flamingo with feathers and crystals. Much love, whimsy and fun crafted with bendable beaded legs! Now! Smile!

Folding Origami Cranes– Each one a small miracle! Folding cranes can be very soothing and calming – almost meditative in nature. Once the folds are learned a rhythm develops. A rhythm that is easy and comforting. And after going through the folds, a crane emerges.


Each Crane ornament is sold with a box and the story of the meaning of the crane.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the meaning of the Origami crane, you ask?

A: An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane.

• Hanging in a home crane assures the dwellers good things will happen.
• In recent years origami cranes have been adopted as a symbol of peace.


Q:  What is a group of cranes called, you ask?

A:  A gathering of cranes is called a herd.

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