New original art!
Titled: “Where There is a Will, There is Hope”.

Original oil on linen by Lee Munsell.

Lee Munsell is a Luminist. He explores a range of naturalistic subject matter with a sensitive eye for light and, more specifically, for degrees of luminosity. Like the 19th century American landscape painters, Inness and Church, he uses nuances of light to create transcendent evocations. At a time when excess is a great temptation for an artist, it is refreshing to find an individual like Munsell who embraces time-honored tradition and attempts the difficult. He may approach a silent mountain terrain where clouds and light are as much the subjects of the work as are the peaks and strong pines. His subject matter is more than the obvious, which is why his painting strikes deep and lingers long.

Like Winslow Homer, who in his late work explored the profundity of water and light, Munsell too presents us with a shimmering world of cold waves, rock and sunlight. Dark, billowing swells are in Munsell’s hand surprisingly alive. It is certain that he knows the subject intimately. Where other painters would rest content with the eerie glow of backlit waves, he takes on the more difficult illusions of mass, weight, undertow and tidal current.
Taking the effects of light on his primary subject may be his way of expressing a belief in a supernatural origin for the natural universe. One gets the feeling that Munsell wants to communicate more about his subject than paint alone can suggest.


Lee Munsell, artist, with Denise Fairweather, gallerist, May 2017.


“Munsell’s works have a staying power which gains the more the works are experienced. Like the subject which he undertakes, he seeks to convey the timeless and lasting effects of creation “-Art critic, William Havlicek, on Lee Munsell’s art.



Artist Lee Munsell

Lee Munsell was born in 1945 in San Francisco. He studied art at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, California. His art graces the walls of corporations and private residences throughout the United States. Lee has traveled extensively, most recently to Paris. When he travels he always takes photographs, and together with a few pencil sketches, he has inspiration for new work when he returns to his studio in Southern California. His work has been exhibited at several art galleries in California, and in 2007 Lee received a one man show at World Art Gallery in Orange County, California.

Lee has been married for over thirty years; his wife Lorrie is in good company with a growing number of people who greatly appreciate her husband’s talent for painting. They have four grown children and two grandchildren. His life is a balance of church, family, art, and surfing, in that order.

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Q: Where in the Oregon coast, are the sea stacks called “the Needles”, you ask?

A: Composed of basalt, sea stacks in the ocean were formed by lava flows emanating from the Blue Mountains and Columbia basin about 15-16 million years ago. The lava flows created many of the northern Oregon coast’s natural features, including Tillamook Head, Arch Cape, and Saddle Mountain. A large sea stack, Haystack Rock, was once joined to the coastline but years of erosion have since separated the monolith from the coast. Three smaller, adjacent rock formations to the south of Haystack Rock are collectively called “The Needles“.

Q: Where, then, are the Three Graces, another well-known group of sea stacks, you ask?

A: The Three Graces are three large prominent rock outcroppings that are in between Garibaldi and Barview along the Oregon Coast Highway. This is an excellent location to stop for a beautiful picture or to take a stroll along the beach and out onto the rocks on a low tide to explore the shallow pools of water teeming with aquatic life. There are hundreds of sea anemones attached to the rocks, starfish, little crabs and much more to see when the water is low. The Three Graces are close to the opening of Tillamook Bay to the ocean.


On a previous visit to Fairweather House and Gallery artist Lee Munsell  arranged to meet art patrons who had a collection of his art works.


Honored to be selected by the artist Lee Munsell to represent his fine art at Fairweather House and Gallery located at 612 Broadway in Seaside, Oregon.

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In addition,Lee Munsell’s collectors include Saddleback Covenant Church, Catalina Research, Silver Bear Properties, Marmac Engineering, World Art Publishing, and Lairmont Estate.


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