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Introducing Dr. Dale Veith, fine art photographer.

Image titled: Serenity


Dr. Dale J. Veith: Photographer’s Statement

“He who has a way to live can bear almost any how he lives.”

Friedrich Nietzsche 

I am an Oregon native. I am a clinical psychologist. I work in medical settings and my work is with people who have chronic medical conditions. The management pain is one of my passions. 


My love of treating patients grew out of my personal experiences as a chronic pain patient. My pain started around 40 years ago through a combination of sports injuries, heavy physical labor, and motor vehicle crashes. Wonderful physicians, psychologists, and physical therapists helped me. Their examples inspired me to return to school so that I might find meaning through transforming my pain into an asset by helping others cope. 


One of the most valuable lessons my rehab team taught me was the truth of the Nietzsche quote that introduces my bio. Having a sense of purpose, an awareness of what gives life meaning helps us tolerate the many challenges that life sends our way. 


My photography plays many roles in my quest for meaning and purpose. Much of my energy in my early photography was directed at trying to capture images that conveyed the pain and sense of loss I had experienced. The images were dark and moody. I shot mainly in black and white. I was fascinated with dilapidated buildings, people who were down on their luck, empty school yards on winter days, barren trees, and the like. My photography was helping me grieve the death of a sense of self.


Over time my photography reflected the healing that was taking place. I began capturing the joy and the beauty that I experienced during the hiking and cycling outings that helped me regain my strength. I use my pictures to remind myself how good I feel when I am in those places doing what I love with the people I love and that helps keep pain in the background. It reminds me of my purpose in life and what gives it meaning.




Having my photos in my office also allows me to share them. I use them to model for my clients how they might go about finding symbols that can perform the same function for them, symbols that remind them what gives their lives meaning and purpose no matter what challenges confront them on their journey through life.  I hope they do that for all who see them.  –Dale Veith


What’s up Next?


June 3rd 5-7:pm

Opening reception for ICONIC!!!

Definition of iconic:

1: of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an icon

2: widely recognized and well-established •an iconic brand name

3: widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence •an iconic image •an iconic vacation

Fairweather House and Gallery

Seaside First Saturday Art Walk

Introducing fine art photographer Dr. Dale Veith!



For more information about the Art Walk, please visit Seaside First Saturday Art Walk

I use my pictures to remind myself how good I feel when I am in those places doing what I love with the people I love.” Dale Veith


  Fine art photographs by Dale Veith  for the Art Walk at Fairweather’s. The original photographs, signed and framed  will be on exhibit throughout the month of June.  Perfect art for the upcoming Seaside Muscle and Chrome show  on Saturday, June 17th!  Father’s Day weekend!!!

Q: What type of camera does the photographer use, you ask?

A:  Old  T1i, “trusty side kick” camera.



And, too, another SAVE THE DATE AND TIME!

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

The general public is invited to view cars for free on Saturday from 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Take a walk through yesterday with one of the Oregon Coast’s premier car shows, Seaside Muscle and Chrome.

This popular event is brought to you by the Seaside Downtown Development Association each June.

It’s a celebration of show-quality vehicles from 1960 to 1978 and factory performance vehicles from 1979 to current year.

This event takes place in Downtown Seaside, along Broadway and connecting side streets.


For more information about EVENTS – MUSCLE and CHROME CAR SHOW – Seaside Downtown … go to

Sponsored by SDDA, Seaside Downtown Development Association.

Fairweather’s is proud to be a member!

Those that have businesses in Seaside, support Seaside special events.


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