Chris Boyer is a very talented felting artist, don’t you agree?

Chris Boyer, felt artist



“Growing up in my family meant playing artistically together with my four siblings. Both my parents were hobby artists, just for the joy of it. My mom went to art school and ended up being a life-long oil painter. My dad was a self-taught sculptor working in wood, metal and clay. One of the greatest gifts my parents gave their children were opportunities to be creative and to have fun doing it.

I am still exploring, playing with art and enjoying the magic of creating.

I had a goal to take as many art classes as I could throughout my adult life so that by the time I retired, I would be ready. I have now retired and interestingly enough, the art medium I fell madly in love with, and hadn’t even known existed until a few years ago, was felting. Taking soft combed or tangled wool and a simple barbed needle to coax it into something I can recognize and hold is fascinating to me. I found myself sculpting and painting with wool! I learned to felt by taking a few classes, learning how to use wire to form the armature of foxes or rabbits or lions and all the techniques that helped those animals take shape. I now have a plethora of roving and core wool in colors and textures and various needles and tools; a felter’s brushes and paints.

I continue to be captivated by new ideas and directions. The world of animals offers endless possibilities for another project.

I have taught a few felting classes and hope to do more. As a retired teacher, I automatically incorporated teaching as a part of my art. 

I love sharing this magic and seeing the enjoyment, it brings to others.” –Chris Boyer, felting artist





Fairweather House and Gallery welcomes Chris Boyer! 

Chris  is a very talented felting artist, and the medium brings a sense both of the rugged beauty of the subjects that she depicts, as well as something comforting.

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