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For Perfect Pear. Perfect pears by Lisa Wiser.

“Negotiation” original art by Lisa Wiser.

“I do have a pair of pears on canvas as well as a few other perfect pairs of other items. Ha! Confusing eh? I will focus on pairs of pears. Heading down into the studio now! ”  — 😍🍐🍐Lisa Wiser


About  Lisa Wiser, pear artist:

Lisa Wiser is a visual artist living and working in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Her representational work is characterized by vivid color, great depth of space and attention to detail. She credits her father for instilling a love of drawing and painting while teaching her to draw at a young age.

“Leafy Pears” original oil on canvas by Lisa Wiser.


More about Lisa Wiser, pear artist:

Lisa earned a BS Degree in Art Education from the University of Oregon in 1978 and has completed graduate coursework in graphic design, art education and painting. Lisa has been invited to serve in both curatorial and juror positions for various arts organizations in the area. She has taught art from pre-school through college and adult level courses and has recently retired as a substitute art teacher for her local school district to devote more time to her painting.



“Bartlett Pears” original art by Lisa Wiser.

The Bartlett pear  carries a true pyriform “pear shape:” a rounded bell on the bottom half of the fruit, then a definitive shoulder with a smaller top.




Q: Why do artists often study painting pears, you ask?

A:  Cézanne once proclaimed, “With a pear I want to astonish Paris,” and he succeeded, even in his most deceptively simple still lifes, to dazzle and delight.  Turning to the pears grown in the vicinity of the family’s estate, he dispensed with traditional one-point perspective and examined the fruit, plates, and table from various viewpoints—straight on, above, and sideways.



Still Life Pears, Paul Cezanne, 1885


Indeed, every artist has spent hours staring at pears, later to paint pears to learn the study of light, shading and perspective.




And, too, a grace note received about the blog article:

“I love the post. Fun and informative. I really like the information about why artists chose pears as a subject.”  —Lisa Wiser


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway

Seaside, Oregon

Through May 31

Perfect Pear, Pair,  Pare Exhibition

Regional artists were selected due to their art related to scale and perspective, and the way things correlate and interact.

Featuring artists Lisa Wiser, Jo Pomeroy-Crockett, Blue Bond, Marga Stanley, Bill Baily, and Lynda Campbell.


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