News from Rinee Merrit. And, too, a shout out for Kimberly Reed.

South Santiam Hall Gallery/ Linn-Benton Community College
Sea, Earth, & Heavens:
Artistic visions in metal, fiber and glass with artwork by Rinee Merritt, Dan Mckenzie, and Wadell Snyder

Contemplate the textures of fabric kelp and jellyfish that tie the themes of Sea, Earth, and Heaven together throughout the exhibition. Experience the energy and beauty in the form of fiber work, glass sculpture, and metal works. Get lost in a display of color, shape, and light as glass corals and salmon shimmer in the space. View the contrast of metal mediums with organic subject matter as each piece leads you around the gallery.

LBCC South Santiam Hall Gallery is open to the public 8 a.m-5 p.m., Monday through Friday, while the exhibition is on display until May 5.


A review received from Rinee Merrit, Sea, Earth and Heavens artist, and, too, a Fairweather Gallery artist.



It is a bucket list item crossed off. We put up the installation. I learned a lot about what I would do again.

It was also interesting having it in a school setting where it was about the art installation. The curators did not post prices. The moments are captured in a video! It was all worthwhile for me. I enjoyed visiting during the opening reception with an estimated 50-60 people in attendance. What was nice was when the curators dimmed the lights and all of the lights behind the planets and seaweed glowed. It was magical and made me realize that I had accomplished a vision. We left the planet for just a little bit to go underwater and off to space. I could hear people say “ooooh” which was how I felt.

 here is a link to the video.”   –Rinee


From the Fairweather Gallery  archives: COLLECTIVE ENERGY, table and wall display featuring glass by Rinee Merritt and art by Kimberly Reed.


And, too, Kimberly Reed arrives once again to exhibit in  the Fairweather Gallery in May, 2018!

She has been traveling the world with her art. More news and images about  Kimberly Reed soon. 


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