Diane Copenhaver for Shape and Color. Fairweather’s September exhibition.

“Sunset at the Sea” mixed media by Diane Copenhaver.


Paintings by Diane Copenhaver, whose new collection of original art were created for COLOR AND SHAPE, an exhibition, can be viewed through September at Fairweather House and Gallery. For more information go to http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com/



Series of mixed media paintings by Diane Copenhaver




“Color and Shape are key elements in the language of abstract art.  Both of these elements of design offer infinite possibilities to communicate visually. Both have the power to create an energy that is almost palpable.   Whether cool and calming, warm and energizing, light or dark, color can transport us to another place or time.   Shape can create an illusion, a feeling, or sense of something.  In my current art work, I have used both of these elements of design incorporating colors inspired by the beautiful Oregon coast and explored the continuum of abstraction through shape,” Diane Copenhaver.




Grace note received from the artist


“I have completed painting 3 new abstract pieces ( each canvas is 12×12).  Lots of color.  I am close to completing another large piece, 24×30.” –Diane









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