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For “Exploring New Surfaces” artist Carmela Newstead.

“Intersection” by Carmela Newstead.

20 x 24 oil on linen.

Hot lights coming all at once. 

Decisions to be made.

Movement forward.


Just like life.



Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway Street

Exploring New Surfaces, an exhibition curated by Agnes Field, Astoria based artist with a Master’s Degree in Studio Fine Art from New York University. The work included in this exhibit use either new materials or methods and techniques to amplify the meaning in the content of their art.  Adding or embedding new materials to the surface creates surprise, and occasionally, deeper interpretation and understanding of the subject.


The October exhibit includes Leah Kohlenberg and Kathy Moberg and Carmela Newstead. 



Grace note from the artist.


“My new paintings will arrive  to you on  Sept. 22, 2018!” –Carmela



SOLD! “Meditations”   by Carmela Newstead.

16 x 20 oil on linen. 

A focused moment removed from the daily pressures give us relief and a quiet time to renew our commitment to a purposeful life.



“Journey to the Next Day” by Carmela Newstead.

18 x 24 oil on linen. 

Each day brings the  opportunities of a lifetime.  

Each day brings a chance to do something worthwhile.

Each day is a golden gift to cherish.



“Beach Time” by Carmela Newstead.

24 x 30 oil on linen. 

Everyday at the beach is filled with excitement and serenity. 

The waves. The kites. The children playing.

Testing waves to lick your ankles fills us with joy. 

The slow retreat of the waves. 

The caress of the sky. 

The breeze that brings the ocean to us. 

Brings us serenity.

Beach Time.

A gift.

And, too, news article  about Carmela Newstead mailed to Fairweather’s from Yakima art patron C. Gamache. | Yakima, Washington – We Tell Your Stories

The Arts Scene: Stop and view… by David Lynx, executive director of the Larson Gallery at Yakima Valley College, for the Yakima Herald-Republic Aug 18, 2018

YAKIMA, Wash. — The new Caffe’ 11th Avenue is a bit different than the usual coffee shop, as the walls are bright white and the room is filled with natural daylight. I had not thought about how coffee shops are usually colored in shades of brown — most likely to echo the colors of coffee itself.


The Caffe’ is the right spot to show the paintings of Carmela Newstead. Her colorful floral works add to the ambiance of a morning breakfast room.


Newstead has been painting scenes of the Yakima Valley since 1971. She studied with R.K. Smith and Robert Fisher at Yakima Valley College. She then attended the Pratt School of Art in Seattle and has taken numerous workshops, including those of Margarette Olson Fletcher and Zolton Szabo.

Newstead has been a visiting art instructor in the Yakima School District and has had private students, both children and adults. Her work has been seen in solo and group exhibits throughout Washington, Oregon and California. She is represented by Fairweather Gallery in Seaside, Ore.


She finds color to be a great inspiration and feels that the flowers of Yakima “share their color and beauty with her.”

Randy La Pierre, project manager of Caffe’ 11th Avenue — or as he terms it, “chief cat-herder” — had wanted Newstead to be the first artist shown at the cafe since it was scheduled to open.


For more about the artist, please go to  ..artists/ …Carmela Newstead.


Copyright © 2018   by Carmela Newstead for  Fairweather House and Gallery.


The art of Carmela Newstead on display.


A thank you note from Carmela Newstead.

Tue, Oct 16, 6:09 PM


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