Kathy Moberg for “Exploring New Surfaces.”

Pastel by Kathy Moberg



What a journey it has been! I have painted for fifty years now and each painting is still a new adventure…a mystery to be solved. My work evolves in layers of texture and color. Sometimes I paint from life or from a series of sketches or photos letting my imagination take hold from there.

A specific style is not something I worked to develop but came quite naturally. I have a light touch and rather loose stroke. My mantra is, ‘Every stroke affects every other stroke, every line affects every other line, every color affects every other color’. I approach painting from a more abstract, broader perspective, and work the entire canvas at once rather than small areas at a time. The first layer is usually painted in watercolor using the compliment in the following layers of pastel, often letting the watercolor show through to build continuity throughout the work.


One of my favorite quotes by Marc Chagall is “If I create from the heart everything works: if from the head, almost nothing works.”

Since the mid 80’s I have been painting with a community of women artists. Some women have left our group, and others have continued through the years, opening their arms and hearts to newcomers. In turn, they instill new and fresh ideas. We share our lives, our hopes, our aspirations…and our art. Painting connects us. These women sustain my art. My inspiration is enhanced by their physical presence…coming together to paint. Their mentoring spirit, their tenacity and perseverance gives me the boost I need to press on. This spiritual presence carries me through the slumps and the moments of self-doubt.

These women create a momentum for me. They offer themselves to the nurturing of art, and in so doing enrich my life.   Kathy Moberg



Fairweather House and Gallery
612 Broadway Street
Seaside, Oregon


Exploring New Surfaces, an exhibition curated by Agnes Field, Astoria based artist with a Master’s Degree in Studio Fine Art from New York University, through October 31st.

Artist, curator Agnes Field


“The works included in this exhibit use either new materials or methods and techniques to amplify the meaning in the content of their art. Adding or embedding new materials to the surface creates surprise, and occasionally, deeper interpretation and understanding of the subject.” –Agnes Field



October  exhibit includes Leah Kohlenberg, Kathy Moberg and Carmela Newstead.



Agnes Field discusses the art of Linda Moberg during the opening reception of “Exploring New Surfaces” at Faiweather’s.

For more about the curator, please go to artists tab Agnes Field  http://www.fairweatherhouseandgallery.com

Display of Kathy Moberg’s art.

Photo collage by Linda Fenton-Mendenhall.



Close up detail of the oil pastel art by Kathy Moberg.



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