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Russell Young for Expanding Horizons.



Russell Young, photographer/ author




“I live a double life as a fine art photographer. One half of my life is spent in nature photographing the voice of silence. These landscape photographs come from a revelatory, wanderer’s process, a reflection of the peace and the quietness of breath that one finds beyond the grandeur and grace of expansive vistas. As they reveal a view, they also invite you to witness and experience nature in a raw timelessness, peacefulness and tranquility can be found by looking to nature: in the dawn, in the twilight, and in the depths of night, places of quiet and stillness still exist.



The other half of my life is in my studio and occasionally at locations where I created my photographs by building installations/sets, adding props often casting characters, then photographing the completed installation. The studio work is inspired by life experience, personal stories, my dreams, literature, visual arts, and performance art.”  —Russell Young


Live Action shot of ME shooting  images for my new In The Mist Book — Russell Young



Through November

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway Street

Expanding Horizons, an exhibition, featuring artists turning to nature seeking to express its evocative power on personal level.

Painters and photographers included in this exhibit are Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, Lee Munsell, Ron Nicolaides, Judy Horning Shaw,  Jim Young and Russell Young.

Introducing Michael Fox and Barbara Folawn.


Take a note!

Russell Young, author and photographer, has signed a collection of his IN THE MIST books.



Fun fact! There are now copies published in Sweden, Germany, and Romania, as well as in the US.


Photographer Russell Young lectures  during the opening reception of “Expanding Horizons” at Fairweather’s.


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