For Expanding Horizons artist July Horning Shaw.

“Across Over There, Evening” oil on gessoed paper 8″ x 23″ by Judy Horning Shaw


“When I began my art career it was an act for which I was punished—drawing and coloring on my bedroom walls. That did not stop me, though I did move on to art that uses more traditional materials—currently oil paints with some acrylics, watercolors or drawing materials thrown in for spice. At that young age, I was making drawings and botanical notes about the plants of my surroundings along the coast. Later I began drawing or painting people, places, and things. My focus is still largely representational—painting the things I experience and feel that have an inherent beauty either of appearance or of being. I also enjoy an occasional foray into abstraction.”-Judy Horning Shaw

“Across Over There, Morning” oil on gessoed paper 8″ x 23″ by Judy Horning Shaw



Note from Judy


“These are  for the Expanding Horizons show in November. I have attached  images of work for the show.  Thank you.”–Judy



Judy Horning Shaw. 

Art for Expanding Horizons.


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway Street

Expanding Horizons, an exhibition, featuring artists turning to nature seeking to express its evocative power on personal level.

Painters and photographers included in this exhibit are Linda Fenton-Mendenhall,  Lee Munsell, Ron Nicolaides, Judy Horning Shaw,  Jim Young and Russell Young.

Introducing Michael Fox and Barbara Folawn.



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