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For March. Dr. Dale J. Veith, photographer.



“THE LONG GREY LINE”  Dr. Dale J. Veith, fine art photographer


“When I think of, “March,” I cannot help but think of the many miles that my son and his fellow cadets spent marching during their tenure at West Point.


“The Cadet Chapel in March” by  Dr. Dale J. Veith, fine art photographer.

So, for my take on, “March,” I selected photos that were either taken at West Point during the month of March, or the photos are related to important marching events that occurred there.


For instance, the photo of the dark lines in the grass is titled, “THE LONG GREY LINE.” West Point Graduates are referred to as being part of “The Long Grey Line.” The lines in the lawn were worn into the lawn during an Acceptance Day parade when the cadets “accepted” into the Corps of Cadets.” Dr. Dale J. Veith





“Jumping in With Both Feet” USMC cadet in March by Dr. Dale J. Veith, fine art photographer.


Dr. Dale J. Veith offered an artist lecture at the Fairweather Gallery during the opening reception of ‘March’, an exhibition on display through March 28.


“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”  Friedrich Nietzsche


“An Oregon native, I am a clinical psychologist. I work in medical settings and my work is with people who have chronic medical conditions. The management pain is one of my passions.

My love of treating patients grew out of my personal experiences as a chronic pain patient. My pain started around 40 years ago through a combination of sports injuries, heavy physical labor, and motor vehicle crashes. Wonderful physicians, psychologists, and physical therapists helped me. Their examples inspired me to return to school so that I might find meaning through transforming my pain into an asset by helping others cope.

One of the most valuable lessons my rehab team taught me was the truth of the Nietzsche quote that introduces my bio. Having a sense of purpose, an awareness of what gives life meaning helps us tolerate the many challenges that life sends our way.


Having my photos in my office also allows me to share them. I use them to model for my clients how they might go about finding symbols that can perform the same function for them, symbols that remind them what gives their life’s meaning and purpose no matter what challenges confront them on their journey through life.  I hope they do that for all who see them.”  Dr. Dale J. Veith


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