For ‘March’. Russell J. Young, landscape photographer.

“Blush” by landscape photographer Russell J. Young

Pigmented inks on cotton rag behind conversant glass under museum white 4 ply mat with frame 21″ x 27″ x 1.5”, signed.



In the days of late winter mist


Shy in their beauty  


the whisper of spring.   Russell J. Young



“For me the light is every bit as important as the subject. I find inspiration in adverse weather, dense fog, intense rain, sub-zero blizzards, often well before dawn, past the twilight, and into the depths of night, at times where landscapes are light solely by the Moon. In these conditions I see colors and mood that few ever see or look for.


“Blush” by Russell J. Young on display at Fairweather Gallery through March 28. 

Artist Statement:

I’m drawn to settings that offer quiet contemplation. I seek subjects that will make a Fine Art Print that results in a destination, where  I am  able to immerse myself, where I’m free to wander, a place that revels its wonders anew, time and time again, and each viewing is my first. My Fine Art Photography is known for its quiet painterly style.”    Russell J. Young





“In the Mist” by Russell J. Young
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Grace note from the artist:

“We had a day of no electricity in my neighborhood so Duncan (my Doggie love) and I came out. I have selected 4 books (2 signed 2 unsigned) for the Art Walk. Later, Duncan and I had a magnificent 3 hr walk at Arcadia and winter wonderland/ blizzard drive back. It was a magnificent day, and a great break from the city chaos. It was just what we needed.  With immense gratitude.” 

Russell J. Young


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