For ‘Life Abundant’ Fairweather’s April exhibition. Artist Barbara Bacon Folawn. Now through April 29.


“Nana’s Red Tulips” original art by Barbara Bacon Folawn.



“Yellow Crocus” original  art on canvas by Barbara Bacon Folawn.


“Light House Meadow” original art on canvas by -Barbara Bacon Folawn


“Welcome spring! We awake from sleepy winter to see color peeking out from buds in trees and gardens and meadows. Wait a few weeks longer and we have the thrill of seeing whole blossoms opening up to show us bright yellow crocus and red tulips. Coastal meadows covering the cliffs are full of new life.

This is what inspired me to paint for the “Life Abundant” exhibit at Fairweather Gallery in April. Every year, spring catches my eye and feels like a celebration of spirit all over again. What better way to recognize the season than dipping a paintbrush and letting the colors flow over a canvas to our heart’s delight!” –Barbara Bacon Folawn.


“I so enjoyed talking with you at the gallery. And the current displays throughout the space are lovely. Many intriguing pieces to look at and admire! I appreciate your energy in keeping the Blog current and interesting to read.

Again, it was fun to spend some time with you on Monday and I hope you are having a good week. The snow arrived here in the valley again today (March 6), so I’m glad I returned home when I did, avoiding driving through new snow and possibly ice at the summit of Highway 26.” —Barbara Bacon Folawn






As a tribute, the OHSU School of Medicine established a permanent endowment for Robert Bacon, Barbara Bacon Folawn’s father.  The fund has supported student projects including sophisticated lab research, studies related to bicycle helmet safety and perfecting communication skills to better convey complex medical information to patients and their families. Bacon also became known as an environmental leader. He trained whale-watch volunteers and taught Elderhostel participants about local estuaries and rocky intertidal ecology. He helped to organize the Haystack Rock Awareness Program and led the effort to save the beaches for public use with the Oregon Beach Bill.




The Consummate Teacher

For Robert Bacon, scientist, researcher, environmentalist and consummate teacher, being curious about the world around him came as …


Landmark legislation passed in 1967, known as the Beach Bill, guarantees us access that only Hawaii can match.

Tom McCall, the 30th governor of Oregon, signed the Beach Bill into law … DrRobert Bacon and Laurence Bitte led a group called Citizens to …

Oregon’s 362-mile coastline is a recreational playground, with hiking, camping, fishing and biking, surfing and beachcombing opportunities galore. It is one big viewing platform, with enchanting beaches, seductive headlands and glorious vistas at every single turn…

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