For ‘Life Abundant’ photographer Russell J. Young. On exhibit through April 29.


“Borage Botanical”” by Russell J. Young


“Rhododendron Botanical” by Russell J. Young



“Carnas Botanical”  by Russell J. Young



“Photographing a flower is an intimate conversation of mood and personality. Attention is paid to color, texture, the play of light and the lens and camera angle its is reveal its personality. I prefer to photograph flowers in my studio or in an environment where I can influence the light. To coax the shy mood or bold character that each revels I use combinations of natural light, studio light, and multiple reflective sources such as mirrors. The intention is to add the dappled light or the mood as you would see it in its natural environment.”  Russell J. Young


“I make all my prints using rag paper,  for me it allows the viewer to linger in the sensual touch of an intimate moment.” Russell J. Young.

Read more about photographer, artistic collaborator, and fine art printer Russell J. Young.








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