For ‘Portraiture’ Fairweather’s May exhibition. Russell J. Young on view through May 29.



“Man with a Mask” fine art portraiture by Russell J. Young

“I go to great lengths, to create stories and or fairy tale style portraits tailored to a subject’s personality, life or alter ego.” RJY



Fine art portrait with bird cage by Russell J. Young

“I often include a heightened sense of realism. This is often done by building a scene that includes a costumed character, props, hand painted background, lighting the scene for a mood, time of day and season.” RJY



Monolith by Russell J. Young

“I am particularly interested in stories that express the nuances or human emotions, personal relations, secrets, and alter egos.  This work is inspired by past and present relationships, life experience, stories I have been entrusted with, the work of other artist, literature, and the performing arts.” RJY  


Russell J. Young, fine art photographer spoke about his work at Faiwweather’s during the Seaside First Saturday Art Walk on May 4.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

May 2019

 “Portraiture” featuring regional artists Leah Kohlenberg, Susan Romersa, Patricia Clark-Finley, Rebecca Gore, Mike Mason and Russell J. Young.

Russell J. Young is a commercial and fine art photographer based in Portland, Oregon. His photographic genres include commercial, fine art, portraiture, fitness, sports, performing arts, landscape, outdoor adventure, travel, and culture. He believes each genre complements the end result of the others.

Introducing emerging artists Tamara Watanabe and Vanessa Stokes.

The art selected is a debut exhibition contemplating character in portrait drawings and oil sketches displaying the relationship between artist and sitter as its central subject,” D. Fairweather, gallerist.


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“Borage Botanical”” by Russell J. Young “Rhododendron Botanical” by Russell J. Young “Carnas…/russell-j-young/



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