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For “Making Waves” Fairweather’s July Exhibition. Artist Victoria Brooks.

“Bring in on” original oil on linen by Victoria Brooks


“The Challenge” 20 x 24 oil on linen by Victoria Brooks



“Luminosity”  18 x 24 oil on linen by Victoria Brooks

“Her Pinkness”  19 x 24 oil on linen by Victoria Brooks


Victoria Brooks

About the artist:

Through numerous gallery exhibitions and shows, art lovers around the world have come to admire and enjoy the art works of Victoria Brooks. She captures the essence of sun-drenched summertime-at-the-beach images in a vibrant, impressionistic style.

Victoria’s paintings are characterized by intimate moments set in romantic, richly conceived landscapes and seascapes. The result is a hauntingly personal connection with the viewer that resonates at the deepest emotional level. Her special talents are particularly evident in her expressive portraits where she reflects the mood and inner nature of her subjects.

After a successful career and many national awards as an art director in television and motion pictures, she pursued her love of painting, which she has been doing for 20 years.

In addition to being a talented studio artist, she is an accomplished plein air painter as well. She has won numerous “Best of Show” awards for her studio and plein air works. Victoria loves teaching oil and watercolor painting and is a favorite of art clubs for her informative art demonstrations. She teaches plein air painting workshops in California, Italy, France, Ireland and Greece.

Victoria is a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS) and the American Impressionist Society (AIS). She also is an Artist Member of the Oil Painters of America (OPA), California Art Club, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, Plein Air Painters of New Mexico and Plein Air Painters of Hawaii.

Please visit the artist’s tab/ Victoria Brooks at



Victoria Brooks offered a Seaside Painting LIVE ™ event during the opening reception of MAKING WAVES on July 6.



Victoria Brooks lectured about her MAKING WAVES art during the July MEET and GREET event for Fairweather’s Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.


Victoria Brooks received a 10 year anniversary celebration cake for exhibiting at Fairweather’s on July 6. In addition, hostess Joan Smith, artist Paul Brent and photographer Neal Maine celebrated 10 years with Fairweather’s.


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Seaside, Oregon

July 6- July 30


Fairweather’s  July exhibition explores the deep, multifaceted relationship with the ocean.

Art for the exhibition, largely significant pieces include new original work, created entirely by North coast artists.

Featuring selected artists: Blue Bond, Nick Brakel, Paul Brent, Victoria Brooks, Leah Kohlenberg, Karen Lewis, Emily Miller, Lee Munsell, Richard Newman, Ron Nicolaides, Jan Rimerman, Lisa Sofia Robinson, Peg Wells, Russell J. Young and Dale Veith.

Introducing artists Sharon Furze and Phil Juttelstad.

The range in the show reveals the extraordinary impact of the sea and waves.

2019 is the tenth year that  Victoria Brooks has exhibited during the summer months at Fairweather’s.

Victoira Brooks has painted LIVE during several Fairweather events.

Enjoy the slide show of ten, 10 , TEN!!! years with Victoria in Seaside.




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Q: Where in the world, recently, was Victoria Brooks, you ask?

A:  “We just returned from our first trip to Africa. It was a photo safari, led by the same instructor we went to Patagonia with a couple of years ago. First we went to the Serengeti, in Tanzania  and then to hike to the gorillas in Uganda.  We saw over 90 lions, almost every imaginable animal native to the area. We stopped at a Maasi Village for a performance and cultural exchange. I hope to paint some of these beautiful people as well as the animals in their environment.”  Victoria Brooks

“I love reading your blogs, looks like the Gallery is the most happening place on earth! I’m very excited about my show with you in July. I’m attaching images of the work I will be bringing. I’m also working on a series of small wave paintings. I will send photos of the waves when I get them. Thanks so much. See you soon.”  Victoria Brooks



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