For MAKING WAVES. Welcoming artist Phil Juttelstad.

“The Rocks at Ecola” oil on canvas by Phil Juttelstad

“My work has been influenced by prior training in architecture and related disciplines.  My design aesthetic is also inspired by the environment of the Pacific Northwest- the skies; the land and the water.”

Q: Where is Ecola, you ask?

A:   Wrapping around Tillamook Head, between Seaside and Cannon BeachEcola State Park stretches along 9 miles of coastline and offers outstanding sightseeing and recreation opportunities combined with a storied past. Read more at…

Ecola State Park – Oregon State Parks and Recreation



“Over the Bar” oil on canvas by Phil Juttelstad


“My work is primarily executed in the studio from reference photographs and on-site sketches. I prepare preliminary color studies to establish volume and value relations and then work directly on canvas or gessoed panels in either oil or acrylic mediums.”

Q:  What does the term “over the bar” mean, you ask?

A:  A bar is a sandy bank or shoal that forms at the mouth of a river, harbor, bay or … Between these driving winds and the large waves, vessels crossing the bar … Read more at…

The Columbia River Bar | Oceanscape Network – Oregon Coast …


“Shore Acres over Quiet Waves”  oil on canvas by Phil Juttelstad


“Forms and Structures; Lines and Shapes…these are the elements that interest me and are depicted in my work. Whether abstract or contemporarily realistic, this dynamic between the built and natural environment is explored and rendered in my work.”

Q: Where is Shore Acres, you ask?

A:  Perched on rugged sandstone cliffs high above the ocean,Shore Acres State Park is an exciting and unexpected combination of beautiful natural and … Read more at…

Shore Acres State Park – Oregon State Parks and Recreation


Philip Juttelstad, artist

“I have enjoyed the study of the regional artists of the Pacific Northwest that have contributed to this style of work; Carl Hall, Carl Morris and C.C. McKim, among others. In my work that depicts the built environment, I look for the hand of man on the face of nature and try to depict the shapes, planes and spatial relations of structure and the interesting interdependencies that buildings can create within the landscape. Tonality within the landscape is also a favorite subject of mine and I enjoy the exploration of the effects of atmosphere, light and shadow.”



During the opening reception of MAKING WAVES, artist Phil Juttelstad offered an artist lecture.

Art patrons viewed the art of Phil Juttelstad during the Jul. 06th Seaside First Saturday Art Walk.

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Seaside, Oregon

July 6 – July 30



Fairweather’s July exhibition explores the deep, multifaceted relationship with the ocean.

Art for the exhibition, largely significant pieces include new original work, created entirely by North coast artists.

Featuring selected Fairweather artists: Blue Bond, Victoria Brooks, Paul Brent, Nick Brakel, Karen Doyle,Leah Kohlenberg, Karen Lewis, Emily Miller, Lee Munsell, Richard Newman, Ron Nicolaides, Jan Rimerman, Lisa Sofia Robinson, Peg Wells, Russell J. Young and Dale Veith.

Introducing artists Sharon Abbott-Furze and Phil Juttelstad.

The range in the show reveals the extraordinary impact of the sea and waves.


Read more about the artist and the exhibition MAKING WAVES at:


Thank you Coast Weekend and reporter Katherine Lacaze for supporting the arts.…/article_7a1c4f88-a704-11…


Feb. 2019

“Thank you so much for the conversation and the invitation to join you in your July show. My wife Holly and I enjoyed your gallery and look forward to working with you in the near future. Cheers.” Phil Juttelstad.


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