Welcoming oil painter Vicky Combs-Snider for OUTSIDE INTERESTS Aug 3-25.

“White tailed deer” oil by Vicky Combs-Snider

“I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was very blessed growing up and living in seven different states. After graduating in Kansas City, Missouri, I went on to college and majored in Art. In Kansas City, I showed in several art exhibits and taught oil painting for five years. After the passing of my mother, who was also a well-known artist in Arkansas, I lost my passion for painting.

I moved to Oregon, eleven years ago and took a job in sales, which allowed me to travel the back roads of Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Idaho. Through work and pleasure, I have been blessed to travel throughout all 50 states. Our country is a beautiful canvas, full of vibrant colors and majestic subject matter.

Since retiring to the Oregon coast and with the encouragement of my husband, am painting again.  The passion I once had, painting with my mother, has returned.” Vicky Combs-Snider.

“Coastal Elk”, oil on canvas, by Vicky Combs-Snider

“With all the wildlife, mountains, and the ocean, I have an unlimited list to paint from.”

“Eagles”, oil on canvas, by Vicky Combs-Snider.

“I love to push the limits of oil.”

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

located in the Historic Gilbert Block Building

August 3-25 Exhibition

OUTSIDE INTERESTS featuring local painters and artisans hugely impressed with the wide-open, majestic vistas of the Pacific Northwest.  Selected art, new original work, conveys nature’s shifting moods, with no human presence visible.   Artists include Paul Brent , Melissa Jander, Sharon Kathleen Johnson, Bev Drew Kindley, Gretha Lindwood, and Ron Nicolaides.

Welcoming new artists oil painter Vicky Combs-Snider and glass artist Christine Downs to the gallery.

Vicky Combs-Snider.


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