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For CONTRASTS. Artist Jan Rimerman. Sept 7-25. Fairweather Gallery.

Travel opens minds.

“Devon England” by Jan Rimerman mixed media 36×36

“Hedge Rows of Devon” by Jan Rimerman mixed media 36 x36

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St., located in the Historic Gilbert Block Building

CONTRASTS, an exhibition showing art from selected regional artists using bright, abstract palettes – electric yellows, brilliant blues, wild reds, and shining greens, as well as abstract monotones, found only in the natural world.

Featuring illustrative contemporary artists Bill Baily, Gregory Bell, Tanya Gardner, Agnes Field, Sharon Kathleen Johnson, Jan Rimerman, and Russell J. Young.

Jan Rimerman is inspired by her 2019 travels to India & the British Isles.

“The “Contrasts” in this new collection of mixed media layered paintings express the stark differences of color, shape, light, and texture as well as the weather, the two distinct cultures, and the people. Travel opens minds.” Jan Rimerman

Contrasts are on view through September 25.

Color, texture, form, light & shadow are important in Jan’s creations. Beginning with a painting of powdered charcoal lends the finished picture a hint of textural mystery. Rimerman occasionally adds & molding paste, giving a three-dimensional physical aspect that heightens with the additional thin layers of transparent fluid acrylic pa t. As many as 22 layers of paint are applied on top of the initial black and white powdered charcoal foundations. Building up these various textures & colors unveils hidden images in the different lights of the day & season. The work presents something fresh each time you view it.

Rimerman studied art at the City University in London, Willamette University, Portland State University, and the University of Washington. She looked closely with Carl Hall and Robert Hess at Willamette University in Salem and has great respect for both artists. Jan exhibits her work at the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, the Coos Art Museum, Fairweather Gallery, & the Blackfish Gallery in La Conner, WA.

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June 11, 2018 – Lecture notes and magazine article about “Sense of Place” artist Jan Rimerman.

Art patron selecting a work of art by Jan Rimerman.

SOLD at Contrasts.

Contrasts, a Fairweather exhibition, is on view through September 25.

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