Welcoming Fedor Zubanov and Irina Nazarkina, Northwest fused glass artists.


“Patch work Quilt”  fused glass plate by Fedor Zubanov

“This rectangular plate looks like a patchwork quilt. It’s composed of absolutely different pieces: thin and thick “threads”, chevrons, tapestry, colorful rectangles, etc. Colors are transitioning from orange red to green blue, and in general this could be a bright accent to any room.  Handmade.”  9″x11″  Fedor Zubanov


“Window in the Sun’s Ray” fused glass plate by Fedor Zubanov

“You can easily find a 4-section window in the center of the plate. But if you look closer you notice that there are no clear boundaries: this window is just a combination of colors within diagonal chevrons. Sometimes halves of chevrons – Sunny rays – simply go through the window, sometimes they “reflect” and change the color. Those reflections create the illusion of the window shape.

This plate was done using the original glass fusing technique 3D Chevrons. Edges of this plate are professionally cold worked and look straight and shiny.  Handmade.”  12 “x12” Fedor Zubanov


Fedor Zubanov and Irina Nazarkina, Northwest fused glass artists, handcraft decorative plates, bowls and vases, using various techniques known as glass fusing. “Excellent fused glass work. The beveled edges are perfect and show that a lot of love was put into this piece. Most of the glass is semi-transparent.”


Square plate rotation series in red and teal, 8 x 8, fused glass plates by Fedor Zubanov


“A couple of new square plates. In these plates I combined solid color triangular glass pieces and a waived square in the center. These pieces are separated by sets of stripes. Each set contains 3 light opalescent and 2 transparent stripes. The resulting pattern imitates rotation of the square in the center.” Fedor Zubanov

By joining different pieces of glass at almost melting temperatures Fedor Zubanov and Irina Nazarkina create one-of-a-kind artworks.



“This bowl looks like a malachite vessel because it’s made of a special type of murrini. This murrini imitate stone structure while being fused with another glass. The edges and the bottom are professionally cold worked. This bowl can be used for candies, salads, snacks and other cold food.” 3.5″ x 5.5″ (top diameter) Fedor 



Fun Facts about Fedor Zubanov:

Works at Mircosoft.

Originally from Moscow.

Author of  e-books on creating fused glass.


“e-book From scrap to Artworks with a vitrigraph…159 pages, more than 170 illustrations and photos. All temperatures and dimensions specified in both metric and US systems.  It could be considered as containing two separate books: the first one describes work with vitrigraph for making stringers, cane and murrini. Also it explains how to manage colors, get predictable results, and effectively use glass; the second one contains detailed instructions for 11 different projects of various complexity, and 6 other projects provided for your inspiration without detailed instructions. All those projects doesn’t require a vitrigraph.  


So, this book is addressed to two groups of readers: those who want to enhance their vitrigraph skills, and for those, who want to make projects with stringers, rods and murrini available in the market.” Fedor Zubanov




“e-book Weekend projects:  Stringers in glass fusing…For many of us glass fusing is a hobby and we can dedicate time for it only at weekends. So, it would be great to have instructions which allow to complete a relatively complex project in 2-3 days. In this book I tried to provide day-by-day instructions for four different projects which use one common element: stringers.”  Fedor Zubanov



“e-Book: Mondrian pattern in glass … describes a creation of nice looking fused glass plates in Mondrian style. ​There are 40 pages and a lot of illustrations. All recommendations are provided for COE96 glass, but firing schedules have notes for COE90 glass as well. This book is useful for both novice and experienced fusers. Tips will allow you to make professionally looking glass works with stripes, squares/rectangles/triangles and other geometrical patterns.”  Fedor Zubanov


Thu, Aug 29, 8:18 PM (7 days ago)

Hello Fairweather,

I visited your gallery last week and I talked about glass works for your exhibitions in September – November. I would be happy to present 3-5 of my works in September. I will bring them to you (I live near Seattle, so it takes about 5 hours only.)  Fedor Zubanov


Done!  Delivered and installed.  Thu, Sep 04, 11:00AM (1 day ago)  Welcome! Fedor Zubanov



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