Que the applause. Gayle H. Seely on her CONTRASTS art and Fairweather’s artist talk.



“I love seeing people become so involved in my boxes,” Gayle H. Seely.


“I have layered tiny beads and stones in painterly combinations onto small wooden boxes,” Gayle H. Seely.


“I have combined the theme “contrast” with the subject “water” to create distinctive pieces that are tactile as well as visual,Gayle H. Seely.

Gayle H. Seely, newly appointed Faiweather resident artist 2019.



It’s a wrap and in the bag… a seed pearl mosaic box by Gayle H. Seely.

SOLD at Contrasts.

Contrasts, a Fairweather exhibition, on view through September 25.

Gayle H. Seely has been selected as a Fairweather Gallery resident artist, having previously served as an emerging artist to watch.  2019 marks her fifth year in the gallery.




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