For A FINE LINE. Book and paper maker Christine Trexel and glass maker Carolyn Myers Lindberg.

For A FINE LINE. Book and paper maker Christine Trexel. On view October 5-31 @ Fairweather’s. 

Line book, silk hardcover with embossed designs, accordion fold with hand stitching, hand cut outs, one-of-a-kind art by Christine Trexel.

Christine´s interest in books flowed into an interest in box construction and then to paper itself. She has been making her own paper for decades.

“I like the feel of it,” she says. “It is labor intensive. And, I like the paper to have a function.”


Handmade green silk cover journal in case with handmade decorative paper and embroidery by Christine Trexel.

A bit of the occupational therapist treating patients with neurologic deficits shows through as she speaks of labor-intensive work and the function of a thing. Christine makes papers from natural fibers using plants from her garden. She makes paper from old cloth. Christine talks about shredding the cloth in a blender before she got a machine call a critter to beat the paper.


Hand made stack of boxes with hand made paper.  Three boxes by Christine Trexel.

In addition, Christine has given a lifetime of service to others. She has taught her art in the local public school. Getting in touch with other people, with other artists is what she finds rewarding. Christine also repairs books that have been damaged or are worn from use.


Christine Trexel lectures about creating the art for A FINE LINE during the First Saturday opening reception.



For A FINE LINE. Glass maker Carolyn Myers Lindberg. On view October 5-31 @ Fairweather’s. 

Hand made fused glass platter by Carolyn Myers Lindberg.


“A former ceramicist, I have been working in glass since 2012. My work is functional because I love not only the look and feel of glass, but I want my creations to be used and held.”


Carolyn Lindberg, glass artist, lectures during the opening reception of A FINE LINE on Oct. 5 @ Fairweather’s.


Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


On View Oct. 5-31

 “A FINE LINE”  an exhibition of representational and non-representational works of art. Working with different media the selected artists experiment with linear mark making in its widest sense. Each artist produced works inspired by places and spaces in the natural environment.

Featuring regional artists: Sharon Abbott-Furze, Bill Baily, Jo Pomeroy-Crockett,Karen Doyle, Bob Kroll, Linda Fenton-Mendenhall, Carolyn Myers Lindberg, Emily Miller, Christine Trexel, and Russell J. Young.

“I chose this month’s theme, “A Fine Line”, because it is evocative on many different levels; literally, graphically, figuratively.  As I contemplated how I wanted to interpret that theme in my work, I realized I just plain like lines so that’s what I did – used lines in a variety of ways throughout each of my pieces.  They are painted, drawn, embroidered, turned different directions, etc.  In one book they are scattered throughout the pages, I invite you to find them and to think about what you might add,” Christine Trexel.

“I love exploring and experimenting with lines and texture that I find in the natural world close to home,” Carolyn Myers Lindberg.

Welcoming coastal artists Rebecca Herren and Dorota Haber-Lehigh.

Introducing emerging artists Ray Althaus and W. T.  Brown.


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