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From Tom Willing for MADE. Exhibition on view through Nov. 24.

Fiona’s Finial Box by Tom Willing

Oregon Myrtle and Palisander, 4″w x 9″h


Willing Salver  by Tom Willing 

Oregon Myrtle, Holly, 10.5″w X 11.5″h


Maple Platter by Tom Willing

Spalted Silver Maple, 18″w x 3″h


Walnut Tripod Footed Bowl by Tom Willing

Black Walnut, 11.5″w x 3.75″h


 Walnut Platter by Tom Willing

Figured Black Walnut, 18″w x 3.5″h


Tom Willing, woodturner

It has been over 50 years since Oregon artist Tom Willing created his first woodturning in his father’s woodshop. Since then, he has come to focus on pieces that are sensitive to the interplay between light, form, and material.

“ Working with both native and exotic species of woods, I seek to find the visual magic within the form of each piece of timber that is waiting to be revealed.”

Willing holds his BA degree from the University of Oregon, an MA from Ohio State University, and an MAT from Lewis and Clark University. He taught middle school in Newberg, Oregon, until retiring in 2013.

Past President and Certified Member of the Pacific Northwest Woodturning Guild, he teaches woodturning techniques and is an active member of Northwest Woodturners and the American Association of Woodturners. He currently serves as President of Frogwood, A 501(c)(3) Arts Education Organization.

Willing lives in the Willamette Valley with his wife, watercolor artist Mary Burgess.

Through November 24

MADE Art Show and Sale

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway


“Made” an exhibition, for the one-of-a-kind and the unexpected works made by Northwest artisans with just the right dose of imperfection to suggest a human element in the creative process.


“This is the time of year, before the gift-giving season, the gallery digs a bit deeper into the subject of the handmade, with a reverence for artisans who are producing exclusive objects, artisans who are making craft cool and luxurious,”  D. Fairweather, gallerist.


Featuring harp maker Duane Bolster, basket maker Carol Bolster,  calligrapher Penelope Culbertson, glass maker Christine Downs, paper crane crafter Peggy Evans, quilt maker Cherry Jones Harris, pottery maker Suzy Holland and mixed media maker JoAnn Pari-Mueller.

Welcoming woven pine needle maker Martha H. Denham and woodturner Tom Willing.


“With woodturning, you get caught in a tension between art and craft,” Willing says. “It’s a spectrum with no blacks or whites. I always hope the work in my hand will be my favorite piece. I always hope the piece I’ve just sold will be the buyer’s favorite piece.”

Tom Willing designs pieces that combine the aesthetic and functional, such as bowls, boxes and platters. Willing’s work is elegantly finished on the lathe with walnut oil and beeswax, then buffed to bring out the natural luster of the wood.

Introducing metal smith Nikki Hall and potter Marcia Hudson.

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