Just in from Mary Schlunegger. The art of unexpected embroidery in handmade scarves.


One-of-a-kind shawl with silk embroidery, cotton textile on silk fusion by Mary Schlunegger.


“You can see in my work a very close connection with the ocean,” Mary says.



“This navy blue is a vibrant ocean blue and, combined with lovely pearl buttons, has resulted in a smooth harmony. The silk fusion was stitched to a background of silk and backed with cut silk flowers, using free motion machine stitching, hand embroidery, and beading to accentuate portions of the silk fusion and then hand-couched with  some rich hand spun yarn to the surface,”  Mary Schlunegger.






“The silk fibers in this silk fusion were hand dyed using kool-aid,”  Mary Schlunegger.


About the artist:

“Having spent most of my life growing up surfing the shores of California and Hawaii I have been able to find great inspiration from those memories. I love to experiment with color and texture in fiber art, mixing techniques with different materials using skills learned in college and numerous workshops. Having retired after decades of running a successful Interior Design business, I now have the time to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a full time textile artist drawing my inspiration from the Oregon Coast, the place I now call home.”  Mary Schlunegger



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