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For HUE. Sapphire and turquoise tones. On exhibit through December 23. Jewel hues by Northwest artists.

“Exotic” mixed media watercolor  by JoAnn Pari-Mueller

“The work is a painting in paper. I’ve carefully cut and arranged paper to mimic what I do in watercolor with color, value, and shape. The benefit is the textural, three-dimensional effect it creates.”  JPM



Impasto oil painting in jewel tones by Leah Kohlenberg.


HUE companion painting by Leah Kohlenberg.


Hand made glass by NW artists.



Rare Chanel pendant by Reneé Hafeman.



One-of-a-kind gemstone bracelets by NW jewelry artists.


One-of-a-kind pendant necklaces by Mary Bottita.

Painted glass jewelry by Tanya Gardner





Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

Through December 23

 HUE, an exhibition, featuring  art by Leah Kohlenberg, JoAnn Pari-Mueller  and Vanessa K. Stokes.

December – On Hue Exhibit

“Hues or colors are so pure – no white or blacks added – just rich, delightful, lose yourself in the color.”

In my new works this month, two are executed in watercolor, evoking warmth and redolence, one is a jewel toned mixed media work on handmade paper.” JoAnn Pari-Mueller 


In addition, HUE features a lavish array of  handmade jewelry of mixed-metal, leather, gold-filled and semi-precious stones from many of the Northwest’s most reputable jewelry artists.

It is a once-a-year exclusive private jewelry shopping experience to select the latest edgy fashion forward works.


Complimentary gift wrapping.


This Friday, the Oregonian is running an article, “Six Book Gift Ideas for your Favorite Readers.”

Guess what?  A Generous Nature, and Neal Maine’s story, is one of the six!

Here is a link that is on Oregon Live:

(From the review:) “…Many of Oregon’s most cherished public lands didn’t just happen to be protected. They were preserved by individuals….  (This) new book tells the stories of 21 Oregonians and how …they found ways to protect what they loved.”

Marcy Houle, author

“Elk Run” Coastal elk in the Necanicum Estuary, Seaside Oregon  by Neal Maine.



Grace note received by HUE artist, JPM.

“This year marks my tenth anniversary of creating art. My background as a Portland Art Museum docent inspired my desire to delve into what I have to say using primarily watercolors and calligraphy with some delving into pastels and painting with paper. I find myself most attracted to exploring nature – objects and living creatures of the air, land, and water. I have won several awards from the Oregon Society of Artists and the Watercolor Society of Oregon and have enjoyed opening my studio to the public during the last 5 years Washington County Open Studio Tour.”  JoAnn Pari-Mueller

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