“Sand Dollar on Ecola” signed photograph.

Steven A. Bash works in photos and photocollages.


“Hug Point at Arch Cape signed photograph by Steven A. Bash.



“Algae at Hug Point” signed photograph by Steven A. Bash.


Where in the world is Ecola, Arch Cape and Hug Point,  you ask?

Hug Point is located south of Seaside along HWY 101 and is necessary stop on any travel along the Oregon coast. Hug Point got its name from the original travelers to this beautiful area. Without the modern day highways we know today, visitors to this rugged coastline had to travel by stagecoach along the beach. The adventurous travelers had to “Hug” the sides of the sandstone cliffs during low tide to make their way up and down the coast. Thus the name Hug Point was born.


Arch Cape is named for the natural arch in the coastal rocks and the headland (cape) that extends into the Pacific Ocean, it is located along the Pacific coast, approximately ten miles south of Seaside, between Hug Point State Recreation Site to the north and Oswald West State Park to the south.

Ecola State Park stretches along nine miles of Oregon coastline and is located just a short drive south of popular Seaside,   The 1,023-acre park is probably best known for its rugged beauty and scenic vistas—some of which have been featured in movies such as The Goonies, Point Break and Twilight.  Most people who visit Ecola are either stopping by for a quick photo, a short hike or a day on the beach. Some are thru-hikers tackling the Oregon Coast Trail.


Photos by Steven A. Bash reflect the essence of the north Oregon coast.

Fun Facts:

  • Carpenter at Steven A. Bash Carpentry
  • Studied Zoology (B.Sci.) and Studio Art
    Graduated from University of California, Riverside
  • Lives in Seaside, Oregon
  • First new Fairweather artist in 2020
  • Follows Dan Rather

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