Handmade ceramic beads, mouth blown glass and semi-precious gemstone necklaces and earrings by jewelry artist Mary Truhler.

Spring Day  Approaching encaustic art by Peg Wells.

Q: What do the three Fairweather artists have in common, you ask?

A: The artists  Mary Truhler and Peg Wells have a nursing background.  Some of the fundamental values that drive art — compassion, humanity, empathy, creativity and expression — are the very same values that influence nursing. The creation of art is a wonderful vehicle for nurses, whether the goal is to unwind, replenish the soul or share the nursing experience with the world. Proof that nursing and creative mindsets can live harmoniously.

Case studies of the scientific  mind engaging in art and vice versa are often presented as being unusual. However, psychologists recently conducted a comprehensive review of the extent to which Nobel Prize winners in the sciences, members of the Royal Society and US National Academy of Sciences, and members of the US public reported engaging in arts and crafts-based pursuits. They found that members of the Royal Society and National Academy of Sciences were almost twice as likely to report engaging in arts and crafts pursuits as the general public. Eminent Nobel laureate scientists were almost three times more likely to report such activities.  http://www.discovermagazine.com › mind › does-evidence-support-the-artis..

As Einstein, himself noted: “The greatest scientists are artists as well”.


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