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Artist Karen Doyle on exhibit. Through March 25 @ Fairweather’s “Fresh Start.”


“Cliff” 30×36 oil on canvas by Karen Doyle


“Cotton Candy” 8×8 oil on panel with gold under-painting by Karen Doyle


“Respite” 11×14 oil on panel with cold wax by Karen Doyle


“I wanted to start fresh with new coastal paintings in 2020.   The three new painting have gone through multiple revisions to arrive at their final state. I have been creating abstract impressionist coastal landscapes inspired by my photos and my imagination.  My paintings start out tonal and sometimes turn to dramatic scenes.  My primary medium is oils and this time I’ve added cold wax layers, or under-paintings of silver and gold.  This new body of work evokes a strong sense of place along an imagined or real coastline; my hope is that you immerse yourself in these scenes and get lost in this coastal world.

Oil on canvas, en Plein Air (outdoors) and in my home studio, I paint luminous, impressionist landscapes of Oregon and places I visit.  I paint with palette knife and brush, often beginning with a few pencil lines to mark my chosen composition, then blocking in large areas of color with a brush.  As the composition unfolds, I build up buttery, thick impasto layers with a palette knife, often scraping up multiple puddles of paint in one stroke and smearing them across the canvas.  My impressionist landscapes are border on abstraction, and always reflect the intense feelings I get from observing ordinary beauty.”  Karen Doyle

Associations and Memberships:

Alla Prima Portland

American Impressionist Society

American Women Artists

Arts Council of Lake Oswego

Nike Artists Community

Phi Beta Kappa Society

Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Society for Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts

Art by Karen Doyle on display with art glass, linen shawls, **faux bois picture frames and vintage wood turned candlesticks.


Q: What is faux bois, you ask?

A: Faux bois (from the French for false wood) refers to the artistic imitation of wood or wood grains in various media.


For fun posts from  the artist, go to Karen Doyle FB and karen_paints(Instagram).


Karen Doyle, artist, lectured during the opening reception of Fresh Start at Fairweather’s on March 7.

Through March 25

Fairweather House and Gallery

612 Broadway St.

 “A Fresh Start” featuring artists Toni Avery, Bill Baily, Karen Doyle, Christine Downs, Bob Heath, Dorota Haber-Lehigh, Gayle H. Seely and Bill Shumway.

Karen Doyle is an award-winning Pacific Northwest impressionist oil painter. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UC San Diego with minors in Visual Arts and Philosophy.  She earned a Certificate in Fine Art from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and has continued to study with local artists and participate in Plein Air events.   


“The exhibit’s expectation lies in its possibility to present fresh, new perspectives, inspiration, experiences, reflection and even the possibility for transcendence in some way.”


Fun Fact: Karen Doyle is a Software Engineering Manager at Nike.

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